16 June 2021, 08:30
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Low Prices
We have low prices on quality packaging supplies, shipping supplies, polythene bags, and tapes.  

Wide Range of products

We currently stock a wide range of products.  Many products can be tailored to suit  customers needs.


Free Delivery

Any orders within Northern Ireland will be delivered free of charge.

For details on all our products, click on a link below.


Carrier Bags

Paper Bags

Desk-Top Dispensers

Hand-Carton Sealers


Hygiene & Protective



High quality bags made from polythene, high/low density and high tensile vest and counter bags.  Potato bags, butcher design vest carrier bags and white sulphite bags. many other types of bags are also available. 


Sacks and Bin Liners

Polythene sacks and bin liners, also poly tarpaulins.


Paper Products

Many paper products available - paper bags, flower paper, random design paper on roll, copier paper, brown kraft paper, tissue paper and greaseproof papers.



Rayon, Cotton and Sisal twines.


Hygiene & Protective Products

Vinyl disposable gloves and polythene disposable aprons.  Pallet wrap stretch film, heavy duty black pallet wrap, pallet hoods, bubble wrap, pallet strapping and strapping tools.



We supply a large range of quality tapes. Vinyl and polypropylene tapes available in various colours, also cellulose, masking and ECO paper tapes are available.  We can also supply various types of tape such as double sided, cross weave and mono-filament tapes.



Hand-Carton sealers, Desk-top tape dispensers, Bag-neck sealers and hand dispensers for Pallet stretch film.



Napkins, Candles, Plastic cutlery, Paper towels, Cake boxes, Cling film and Catering foil.

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